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needle mold

Safety Needle Mold

Safety Needle Molds are designed to create precise and consistent shapes and sizes for safety needles. The molds should be made of high-quality materials and be compatible with other machines and tools used in the safety needle manufacturing process.

LINKPLUS may offer Safety Needle Molds that conform to international standards such as the  ISO for manufacturing quality and safety. LINKPLUS Safety Needle Molds may be customizable to meet specific needs and sizes to accommodate different gauge needles.

Safety Needle Mold plays an important role in the production of high-quality safety needles, which are essential medical devices used in a wide range of applications such as venipuncture, IV therapy, and infusion procedures. Choosing a reliable and high-quality Safety Needle Mold provider such as LINKPLUS with adequate features can ensure that the final product meets the required standards for quality and safety.

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How to Use Safety Needle Mold?

  • Preparation: Start by cleaning the mold and other equipment using approved cleaning and sterilization procedures to ensure sterility.

  • Molding: Once the mold is cleaned and prepared, insert the plunger into the mold and load the raw materials such as polypropylene or other plastics. Ensure that the mold is placed in a stable and secure position to prevent any movement during the molding process. Then apply thermal energy to the mold to create the needle shape with the integrated safety feature.

  • Cooling: After molding, allow the needle to cool for a specific duration before removing it from the mold. Proper cooling prevents any deformation that may lead to the needle's structural weakness, making the needle less reliable and less safe during use.

  • Quality Control: After removing the needle from the mold, the needle's dimensions, sharpness, and tip curvature should be inspected to ensure it meets the required standards.

  • Assembly: After meeting the required standard, the needle is assembled on the hub with other components such as a protective sleeve, wings or handles depending on different assemblies using proper assembly techniques.

Features of Safety Needle Mold

  • Customization: Safety Needle Molds may offer customization options to accommodate different sized and gauge needles.

  • Efficiency: Safety Needle Molds provide uniform production of needles in automated or semi-automated machinery, providing high reliability and efficiency.

  • Compliance: Safety Needle Molds comply with international standards, such as ISO, ensuring that the final product meets the required standards for quality and safety.

  • Compatibility: Safety Needle Molds are compatible with different machines, tools, and equipment used in safety needle manufacturing.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Safety Needle Molds are designed to be easy to clean and maintain to prevent product contamination and maximize the molds' longevity.

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