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infusion molding

Clamp Roller Mold

A clamp roller mold is an injection mold that produces clamp rollers, which are components commonly used in mechanical clamping systems, particularly in the automotive and electronic industries. A clamp roller is a small cylindrical shaped component that is used to exert pressure or force onto an object for support or holding purposes. 

The clamp roller mold is typically made of high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum, or other high-strength alloys to provide durability and ensure longevity in use. The mold often features one or more runners, and cavities to control the flow of molten materials and produce accurate and consistent parts. During production, molten material is injected into the mold, where it is pressed under high pressure and allowed to cool and solidify, taking the shape of the mold cavity.

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How Is a Clamp Roller Mold Used In Manufacturing?

A clamp roller mold is used in manufacturing to produce roller wheels that are used in various industrial applications such as conveyor systems, clamping fixtures, and machinery. The mold is filled with a material such as plastic, metal or rubber that is then solidified and shaped to create the roller wheel with the desired features such as size, shape, and texture. The roller wheel can then be attached to different objects such as clamps or conveyors to hold things securely in place. The manufacturing process using a clamp roller mold is an efficient, cost-effective way to mass-produce roller wheels that are crucial components for many industries.

What Are The Features of A Clamp Roller Mold?

A standard Clamp Roller Mold typically has an efficient design, with one or more cavities and runners for accurate flow of molten material. The mold provides a tight tolerance fit between mold halves to ensure the accuracy of the final product. The mold may have cooling channels to ensure even cooling and reduce cycle times.

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