syringe mould
syringe molding
syringe mold
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syringe mould
syringe molding
syringe mold
insulin safety syringes
medical insulin syringe

Insulin Syringe Barrel Mold

  • It is designed to suit insulin syringes of various sizes, including those with 0.3, 0.5, 1, and 1.5 milliliters.

  • As frame materials, P20H (regular), 2738, 718, and 4Cr13 are available.

  • Moreover, it can be produced in line with client requests.

  • The conceptualization is quite accurate.

  • Every structure is flexible.

  • The mold inserts provided the precisely positioned pin, boosting output.

  • The majority of inserts are constructed from SKD11.SKH51,S136,DC5, and SKD11.

  • Depending on the requirements of the client, several materials may be employed.

  • Replacement is rather convenient because the insert sizes are consistent.

  • The structure of our mold is solid.

  • Consistency is good for promoting efficiency and production.

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Specification of Insulin Syringe Barrel Mold

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Usage Method of Insulin Syringe Barrel Mold

  • Cleaning and inspection of the mold are required prior to manufacturing. Any blemishes or debris that can hinder production must to be removed from the mold.

  • Load the raw materials: The injection molding machine is filled with the raw materials, such as the polymer resin for the insulin syringe plunger.

  • The material is heated and melted by the injection molding machine to a certain temperature, turning it into a molten liquid.

  • The substance is poured into the insulin syringe plunger mold when the molten liquid has achieved the proper temperature.

  • When the substance has been injected, it must have time to cool and harden inside the mold.

Advantages of Insulin Syringe Barrel Mold

  • Consistency: The use of a mold ensures a consistent size and shape of the insulin syringe plunger produced every time.

  • Cost-effective: Injection molding allows for the mass production of insulin syringe plungers at a lower cost per piece than other production methods.

  • Customization: Mold design allows for customization of the size, shape, and other features of the insulin syringe plunger to meet specific requirements.

  • High precision: Injection molding machines can produce insulin syringe plungers with high precision at a tight tolerance.

  • Reduced material waste: Injection molding produces minimal scrap compared to other production methods, reducing material waste.

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