drip chamber assemble machine
drip chamber assemble machine

Drip Chamber Assembly Machine

The LINKPLUS Drip Chamber Assemble Machine is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment used for precisely assembling IV drip chambers. These machines automate the assembly process by using robotic arms to perform various operations, including ultrasonic welding, cutting, and assembly of drip chamber components such as the drip chamber, air vent, spike, and fluid filter.

To ensure efficient and reliable production, the LINKPLUS Drip Chamber Assemble Machine is equipped with sensors and cameras that detect any faults in the assembled drip chambers. The machine can produce a large number of high-quality drip chambers quickly and accurately, while maintaining strict quality control standards for medical device manufacturing.

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Specification of Drip Chamber Assembly Machine

Assembly speed5500-6000pcs/h
Input power220V50HZ
Machine Size340*390*165cm
Full machine power2.3w
Atmospheric pressure0.45-0.6MPa

What Is a Drip Chamber Assembly Machine Used For?

A drip chamber assemble machine is used in the assembly of IV drip chambers. The machine automates the process of assembling various components that form the drip chamber, including the air vent, spike, fluid filter, and drip chamber itself. The machine utilizes robotic arms, ultrasonic welding, and cutting to guarantee an efficient, consistent, and high-quality assembly process. 

Additionally, it is equipped with sensors and cameras that inspect the final product to ensure there are no defects, and guarantee a perfect product is produced. These machines are essential in the medical device manufacturing industry as they guarantee an efficient and accurate production of IV drip chambers.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Drip Chamber Assembly Machine?

  • The machines' automation of the assembly process results in higher productivity and an increased capacity for output.

  • Using these machines ensures a uniform assembly process, creating quality products consistently.

  • By detecting defects in assembled drip chambers, these machines ensure that only flawless products are delivered.

  • These machines reduce labor costs, resulting in an efficient production process and reduced per-unit cost.

  • These machines minimize rejected products by ensuring proper assembly of components.

  • Robotic arms used in these machines allow for precision assembly, ensuring that drip chambers are exactingly made.

  • The strict healthcare standards met in building these machines guarantee the production of safe, regulatory-compliant final products.

  • These machines can be tailored to produce various types of drip chambers suited for different medical applications.

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