needle assembly machine
needle assembly machine

Needle Assembly Machine

LINKPLUS's Needle Assemble Machine is an integral part of the process for manufacturing hypodermic needles used in medical instruments. During assembly, the machine precisely aligns and attaches the needle components, including the hub, shaft, and needle. 

LINKPLUS's Needle Assemble Machine contributes to increased manufacturing efficiency and accuracy, enabling high-volume production of needles with consistent quality. Manufacturers can also utilize customization options to create needles tailored to specific medical applications. Ultimately, LINKPLUS's needle assemble machines play a crucial role in the production of safe and high-quality medical devices, resulting in improved patient care and outcomes.

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Specification of Needle Assembly Machine

Aluminum Parts6061 (With hard treatment in surface)
Machine PartsA3 steel 45 steel and stainless steel etc
Main Frame45# square tube composition (baking paint in surface)
Main Frame Table45 # steel (anti rust paint is sprayed on the surface) Panel 304 stainless steel (surtace shockproof)
Rated Volt380V/50HZ
Equipment Size11000*3500*1980MM
Air Pressure≥0.6MPA

How to Use Needle Assembly Machine ?

Using a needle assemble machine requires proper set-up and operation to ensure successful needle assembly. First, ensure that the machine is properly calibrated to the specific needle type being assembled. The machine can then be fed the individual needle components, such as the hub, shaft, and needle, for assembly. The machine will precisely position and secure the components together to create a finished needle. 

After assembly, the needles should be inspected for quality control measures. Regular maintenance should be conducted to ensure the machine remains in optimal condition and produces high-quality needles. Proper operator training is essential to ensure that the needle assemble machine is used correctly, resulting in consistent production and high-quality needles.


Using Tips for Needle Assembly Machine 

  • Calibration: Properly calibrate the machine for the specific needle type being assembled.

  • Component Feeding: Carefully feed the individual needle components into the machine.

  • Quality Control: Thoroughly check assembled needles for quality control measures.

  • Maintenance: Conduct regular maintenance to ensure the machine remains in optimal condition.

  • Operator Training: Ensure adequate operator training to ensure successful operation and high-quality production.

  • Manufacturer's Guidelines: Follow manufacturer's guidelines for specific machine operation and maintenance procedures.

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