connector assembly machine
connector assembly machine

Connector Assembly Machine

The LINKPLUS Connector Assemble Machine is a cutting-edge device designed to create a range of connectors for various industrial applications, including electrical, coaxial, and fiber optics. The machine uses automated processes to combine components like pins, sleeves, and sockets, producing the finished connector device with a high degree of precision and replication.

The LINKPLUS Connector Assemble Machine employs various operations like cutting, crimping, soldering, and testing to ensure the finished product meets quality control standards. The use of this machine provides high-precision and superior connector assembly processes, reducing production time and the cost of production. These machines are widely used in the electronics and telecommunications industries as they can produce a diverse range of connectors that meet specific requirements, ensuring high-quality and reliable connections.

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Specification of Connector Assembly Machine

Assembling areaSingle head assemblyDouble head assembly
Assembling speed5800-6300PCS/h
Machine size7150x150x150cm200x200x160cm
Air pressure0.5-0.65MPa

What Materials Are Used to Make Connector Assembly Machine?

Connector assemble machines typically consist of several key materials to ensure their proper functioning. The frame of the machine is typically made from a strong and durable metal such as aluminum, steel or stainless steel. The machine's internal components usually are crafted from high-grade plastics, stainless steel, or other materials that can withstand high temperatures and mechanical stresses. 

The machine may have electronic parts such as microcontrollers and touchscreens, which require PCB boards, wires, and cables for their functioning. The materials used to manufacture connector assemble machines should have high durability, heat resistance, and conductivity to meet the requirements of the electrical and electronic industries.

How to Use Connector Assembly Machine?

  • Check all required components and make sure the machine is in good working order before using it.

  • Gather all the cables, connection parts, and equipment required.

  • Follow the manufacturer's directions for installing the connector parts into the device.

  • Prepare the wires by stripping them to the proper length before using.

  • Insert the prepared wires into the connector components that are fixed in the machine.

  • Start the machine and select the appropriate settings for the type of connector to be assembled.

  • Watch the machine carefully as it assembles the connectors and ensure there are no errors or issues.

  • Once the connectors are completed, remove them from the machine and test their functionality using a testing tool or a device.

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