medical tubing extruder
medical tubing extruder

Medical Tubing Extrusion Machine

LINKPLUS manufactures Medical Tubing Extrusion Machines that utilize a plastic extruder, die, and cooling system to shape thermoplastic material into medical-grade tubing such as catheters, surgical tubing, and other tubes. These machines adhere to strict quality control standards and regulatory requirements for medical devices, resulting in safe, sterile, and defect-free tubing.

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Specification of Medical Tubing Extrusion Machine

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How Do You Maintain Medical Tubing Extrusion Machine

To maintain a medical tubing extrusion machine, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and procedures. Some of the key maintenance steps include cleaning the machine and regularly replacing worn parts, such as the die and screws. The machine should be inspected for wear and tear, as well as any signs of damage or corrosion. The extruder should be regularly lubricated to ensure that it operates smoothly, and the electrical components should be checked for loose connections or damaged cables. It is also important to ensure that the machine is calibrated properly to maintain quality standards. Regular cleaning, inspection, and testing will help maintain the machine and prolong its lifespan.

How Does a Medical Tubing Extrusion Machine Work?

  • Material feeding: Medical-grade material is fed into the machine through a hopper and melted in the extruder.

  • Shaping: The molten material is passed through a die, which shapes the material into the desired tube shape.

  • Cooling: The newly formed tubing is then cooled using a cooling system, which solidifies the material in the desired shape.

  • Winding/Coiling: The finished tubing is then wound or cut into the desired lengths or coiled for storage or further processing.

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