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syringe mould
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syringe mold
syringe molding
syringe mould
insulin safety syringes
medical insulin syringe
syringe mold

Insulin Syringe Plunger Mold

  • It is made to fit several sizes of insulin syringe, such as those with 0.3, 0.5, 1 and 1.5 milliliters.

  • P20H (regular), 2738, 718, and 4Cr13 are offered as frame materials.

  • It can also be made in accordance with client specifications.

  • The framework is really accurate. Any framework may be changed.

  • The precise positioned pin was quipped by the mold inserts, which increased productivity.

  • Most inserts are built of SKD11.SKH51, S136, DC5, and SKD11.

  • Different materials may be used in accordance with client needs.

  • Given the insert sizes are uniform, replacement is relatively convenient.

  • Our mold is structurally sound.

  • Steady conduct is beneficial for fostering productivity and efficiency.

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Specification of Insulin Syringe Plunger Mold

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Usage Method of Insulin Syringe Plunger Mold

  • Prepare the mold: The mold needs to be cleaned and inspected before production. The mold should be free of any damage or debris that could impact production.

  • Load the raw materials: The raw materials, such as polymer resin for the insulin syringe plunger, are loaded into the injection molding machine.

  • Heat and melt the material: The injection molding machine heats the material and melts it to a specified temperature, until it becomes a molten liquid.

  • Inject the material: Once the molten liquid has reached the desired temperature, it is injected into the insulin syringe plunger mold.

  • Allow to cool: After the material has been injected, it is allowed to cool and solidify within the mold.

  • Eject the product: Once the insulin syringe plunger has solidified, the mold opens, and the product is ejected.

  • Inspect the product: The insulin syringe plunger should be visually inspected for any defects and evaluated against quality control standards.

  • Repeat the process: The process is repeated to produce the required quantity of insulin syringe plungers.

Advantages of Insulin Syringe Plunger Mold

  • Consistency: Using a mold ensures that the insulin syringe barrel produced is the same size and shape every time.

  • Cost-effective: injection molding allows for the bulk production of insulin syringe barrel at a lower cost per piece than other techniques of production.

  • Customization: the mold design allows for the cavity number, size,shape,and other aspects of the insulin syringe barrel to be customized to mach specific needs.

  • High accuracy: injection machines are capable of producing insulin syringe barrel with high precision and tight tolerance.

  • Less material waste: material waste is reduced because injection molding creates less scrap than other techniques of production.

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