medical tubing cutter
medical tubing cutter

Automated Medical Tubing Cutter

The LINKPLUS Automated Medical Tubing Cutter is a precision device specially designed to cut medical tubing swiftly and accurately. It is widely used in medical device manufacturing facilities and laboratories to produce precise cuts for tubing to be used in catheters, IV sets, and other medical equipment. The machine operates using an advanced computer-controlled cutting system that can perform complex cutting patterns based on programmed instructions.

The LINKPLUS Automated Medical Tubing Cutter has a built-in cutting tool, as well as a clamping mechanism that stabilizes the tubing during the cutting process. By using this device, medical device manufacturers can improve consistency, reduce operator error, and increase productivity. The machine is an essential tool in the healthcare industry as it ensures that medical tubes produced meet the required specifications for safe and accurate medical procedures.

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Specification of Automated Medical Tubing Cutter

Power supply220V 50/60HZ220V 50/60HZ
Segment length0.1-9999.9mm0.1-9999.9mm
Cutting width1-100mm1-160mm
DimensionsL500*W450*H450 mmL600*W700*H1000 mm

How Does a Automated Medical Tubing Cutter Work?

An automated medical tubing cutter works by using a computer-controlled cutting system that allows for precise and accurate cutting of medical tubing. The machine is designed with a clamping mechanism to secure the tubing during the cutting process, preventing it from moving and ensuring clean, accurate cuts. The cutting system is controlled by programmed instructions that dictate the shape and size of the cuts needed. The machine's blade or cutting tool then moves along the tubing, making the cuts as programmed. 

This ensures that the cuts are consistent and accurate, with high levels of repeatability. The use of an automated medical tubing cutter improves the efficiency and accuracy of the manufacturing process while reducing the potential for errors.

How Do You Maintain Automated Medical Tubing Cutter?

  • Consistent cleaning: Keep the machine clean to avoid a buildup of dust or debris that might hinder its performance. To clean the cutting blade and get rid of any collected gunk, use a soft brush or cloth.

  • Lubrication: Lubricate the machine's moving components in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. By doing this, you can ensure that the machine runs smoothly while minimizing wear and friction on all of its parts.

  • Inspection: Inspect the machine periodically for any signs of wear or damage. Check the blade regularly to ensure it is sharp and not dull, and replace any worn or damaged parts as needed.

  • Calibration: The machine should be calibrated periodically to ensure it is set up to deliver the correct cuts. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for calibration procedures, or seek professional assistance if needed. Proper maintenance will help to prolong the life of the machine and ensure it continues to operate efficiently.

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