cannula diameter
cannula diameter

Cannula Diameter Reducing Machine

The LINKPLUS Cannula Diameter Reducing Machine is a high-precision device used to accurately reduce the diameter of cannulas quickly. It is widely used in medical device manufacturing facilities for producing cannulas of different sizes to meet various application requirements. The machine features a computer-controlled system that permits accurate adjustment of the cannula diameter.

The LINKPLUS Cannula Diameter Reducing Machine comes with a robust clamping device that holds the cannula in place while a rotary cutting tool reduces the diameter to the required specifications. It also features a control panel with a user-friendly interface that allows the operator to input specific parameters needed for the task at hand, increasing production efficiency and precise quality control of the final product.

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Specification of Cannula Diameter Reducing Machine

Rated power6kw
Driving motor4kw
Cooling water2L/hour
Working specificationФ1.6-Ф4mm
Work efficiency6-22m/min
Machine size (LxWxH)3000x1500x1200mm

How Does a Cannula Diameter Reducing Machine Work?

A rotary cutting tool is used by a cannula diameter reducing machine to trim the cannula's diameter to the desired size. A computer-controlled system drives the machine, which modifies the diameter to meet the required criteria. The cannula is initially inserted into the device by the operator, who then clamps it in place. 

How to Choose Cannula Diameter Reducing Machine ?

  • Precision: Ensure the machine offers precise control in reducing the cannula diameter to the desired size, guaranteeing that the final product meets quality standards.

  • Output capacity: Choose a machine that meets the production capacity requirements, taking into account the necessary production speed without affecting quality.

  • User-friendly: Look for a machine with a user-friendly interface that enables quick parameter programming and easy operation.

  • Endurance: Choose a machine made from durable materials that can withstand heavy usage while maintaining efficiency. It's also best to opt for machines that come with a warranty and adequate support for maintenance and repairs.

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