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cannula manufacturing machine

Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine

LINKPLUS's Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine is a state-of-the-art device that automates the process of collocating needle tubes, reducing labor costs and increasing production efficiency. The machine quickly and accurately assembles needle tubes with connectors, hinges, or other fittings. The automatic feeding system simplifies the loading and unloading process, significantly improving workplace efficiency. The machine's advanced computerized control system ensures precise positioning of the needle tube and collocating fittings, reducing waste and inconsistency in the product. 

Besides, the design is adaptable enough to work with various needle tube types, offering producers flexibility in their manufacturing process. If you want to increase production while lowering labor expenses, the LINKPLUS Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine is a great option.

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Specification of Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine

Rated power120w
Working specificationФ0.3-Ф1.63mm
Work efficiency50-200 cm/min
Air consumption0.01m³/hour
Machine size (LxWxH)1500x700x1200mm

How Does a Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine Work?

To Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine with connectors, hinges, or fittings, the Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine comprises an automatic feeding system that loads the materials onto the assembly line. The computerized control system triggers the assembly process, and the automatic clamping device secures the tube for precise positioning during assembly. The machine's design reduces waste, increases productivity, and streamlines the production process, delivering accurate and high-quality results. By using the automatic needle tube collocating machine, companies can manage costs and increase efficiency without compromising accuracy, making it an excellent investment for any production line.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Automatic Needle Tube Collocating Machine?

  • Greater Efficiency Automated assembly lines speed up production and boost productivity.

  • Cost Savings: By lowering labor expenses, the automatic feeding system helps businesses save a sizable sum of money.

  • Greater Accuracy: The assembly process is highly precise thanks to the electronic control system, which also lowers mistakes and raises product quality.

  • Flexibility: The machine's design allows it to work with various needle tubes and fittings, giving producers more options for how they want to run their production lines.

  • Consistency: The machine offers consistent output quality, improving the consistency of the finished product.

  • Durability: The use of high-quality materials on the machine ensures its durability, providing long-term cost-effectiveness.

  • Integration: The compact design of the machine allows for easy integration into existing production lines.

  • Safety: The machine's automated system reduces the need for human intervention during assembly, improving worker safety.

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