syringe machine
syringe machine

Safety Syringe Assembly Machine

Manufactured by LINKPLUS, the Safety Syringe Assemble Machine is designed to handle the automated assembly of safety syringes. These syringes are typically equipped with a safety mechanism to protect healthcare providers from accidental needlestick injuries, such as retractable needles or needle shields. 

With LINKPLUS's machine, the safety feature is properly installed and aligned in each syringe, ensuring that healthcare providers are safeguarded. The Safety Syringe Assemble Machine is a specialized syringe assembly machine that prioritizes safety in daily healthcare operations.

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Specification of Safety Syringe Assembly Machine

Output18000-20000 pcs per hour
Gas consumption70 cubic per hour
Whole machine power18KW
Rated pressure>0.6MPa
Area covered12m*7m
Equipment weightAbout 6 tons
Operators4-5 persons

How Does a Safety Syringe Assembly Machine Work?

An extremely sophisticated piece of machinery called a safety syringe assembly machine automates the assembly of safety syringes. The machine typically consists of a conveyor system that feeds the syringe components into the assembly area along with multiple work stations that perform specific tasks such as needle insertion, plunger insertion, and final assembly. The machine is programmed to follow a specific sequence of steps precisely, ensuring the accurate and consistent assembly of the syringe. 

The safety syringe assemble machine also includes features such as automatic needle shielding, which reduces the risk of needlestick injuries. The machine is easy to operate, requires minimal manual assistance, and provides high throughput rates, making it an essential tool in the production of safety syringes for medical facilities worldwide.

Features of Safety Syringe Assembly Machine

  • Automated assembly: Safely and efficiently assembles syringes without requiring manual labor. 

  • Precision: Ensures that all components of the syringe are uniformly and correctly assembled. 

  • Safety Mechanisms: Implements protective features such as automatic needle shielding to reduce accidental needlestick injuries. 

  • Customization: Easily configurable for various types of syringe assemblies and can adjust to different production volumes. 

  • Quality Control: Effectively verifies that the assembly process is meeting quality standards, reducing defects and waste. 

  • User-Friendly: Easy to operate with intuitive controls, reducing the need for extensive training and providing seamless integration into existing production lines.

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