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needle machine manufacturer

Safety Needle Assembly Machine

LINKPLUS's safety needle assembler is a machine used to construct hypodermic needles with built-in safety measures. The machine normally comprises of a number of stations where different tasks, including cutting, grinding, and assembling the various needle components, such as the needle hub, needle body, and safety shield, are carried out. The machine is designed to automate the assembly process and ensure that each needle is assembled consistently and in accordance with strict quality control standards. This is important as safety needles are used in medical procedures and must meet certain safety standards to protect healthcare workers and patients from needlestick injuries.

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Specification of Safety Needle Assembly Machine

Package Range1-2ML3-5ML10ML20ML50ML
Printing Speed300-330 pcs/min300-320 pcs/min260-280 pcs/min240-260 pcs/min180-200 pcs/min
Rated Volt220V/50Hz
Equipment Size4650x2630x2150mm 3050x4000x2150mm
Air Pressure0.4-0.6Mpa

How to Use Safety Needle Assembly Machine?

To use a safety needle assemble machine, the operator first needs to ensure that the machine is properly setup and all necessary components are loaded into the machine's feeding system. The operator then activates the machine to begin the assembly process. The machine will typically cut the sharp tip of the needle, grind the edges for a cleaner finish, and then assemble the various components together to form the final safety needle. Once the assembly is complete, the operator can remove the finished needles from the machine and inspect for quality control. It is important to follow all safety protocols and machine instructions to avoid injury and ensure a high-quality product.

Features of Safety Needle Assembly Machine

  • High speed - These machines are capable of assembling needles quickly and efficiently due to their high-speed assembly capabilities.

  • Accurate assembly - Safety needle assemble machines are designed to ensure that each needle is assembled with precision to meet strict quality control standards.

  • Automation - These machines automate the assembly process, reducing the need for manual labor and resulting in increased production efficiency.

  • Safety features - Safety needle assembling machines have built-in safety features to prevent needlestick injuries to operators and avoid quality issues in the production process.

  • Quality control - These machines are equipped with quality control systems to ensure that each needle assembled meets the required standards.

  • Easy to use - These machines are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, enabling operators to use them without extensive training.

  • Low maintenance - Safety needle assemble machines are engineered to require minimal maintenance, which reduces downtime and increase production efficiency.

  • Versatility - These machines are versatile and can assemble different types of needles with various designs and dimensions, depending on the requirements of the specific application.

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